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Live Streaming Mass:  Sat 5pm (Vigil mass),  Sun 10am and Wed 11am.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCruCvuFlvKVpmI2vvGWdDKQ

Donations and Mass offerings:  Please click HERE for information on how to make donations.  Thank-you!

Public Mass: registration is essential: email: stjo@st-josephs-tilehurst.org.uk OR ring: Anne on 07765 146234.  Once you have registered, you will be invited to attend one of our masses at a specific time.  You only need to register once.  We may not be able to allocate you a place at mass every week. You should have an invite at least every second week.  Please don't come to church unless you have a place at that specific mass, you will not be admitted.  There is currently NO sunday obligation.  Please stay home if you are at risk, vulnerable or feel ill.

Please click HERE to read guidelines BEFORE visiting

Please see Our Community tab for Emergency Contact and other information

At this time there are no public masses or confession and no information about First Holy Communion. Check back later for updates.

Elderly/Housebound:  please contact Jack Ewins, SVP:  jack@st-josephs-tilehurst.org.uk

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Live Events:

Saturdays at 10am: Rosary lead by Fr Peter followed by Prayer Intercessions and Litany of our Lady

To join by phone: 0121 468 3154 Access code: 2225 6148 96# 

Sundays at 12pm: Coffee and Chat (Zoom meeting)

See the  Events page for more events and further information

We are unable to plan further Prayer and Healing services at this time. Please check back later.

Latest News

St Paul's Catholic Primary School are actively looking for two foundation governors. For information, please contact: Rachel Gonzalez, Clerk to the Governors: rgonzalez@stpauls.w-berks.sch.uk

Email Group:

If you are a parishioner please subscribe to our parish Email group to get the latest news and updates by sending an email to stjo@st-josephs-tilehurst.org.uk

This is also open to any family members who support our parishioners.

A paper copy of our news is also available on request: stjo@st-josephs-tilehurst.org.uk

Please share this message so that we can reach more parishioners.

Welcome from Fr Peter Glas

Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Church located in Tilehurst, Reading.  Our Parish is very blessed to have generous parishioners and volunteers who have wholeheartedly offered their gifts to the Lord and to the parish In the name of the Christian community of St Joseph's Church.  I would like to express my sincerest and prayerful gratitude to all the members of this parish, especially the children and youth.  Young people's participation is a priority and the Church has a strategic role in developing and supporting our children and youth.  We are proud to be a discipleship parish where every member can grow as a disciple of Christ through our many ministries and faith formation opportunities.  We invite you to come worship with us and make St Joseph's Church, your spiritual home. Our primary school is St Paul's: http://www.stpauls.w-berks.sch.uk/

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